Episode 41: Real Food for Athletes with Steph Gaudreau

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stephgaudreau-9Today we are interviewing Steph Gaudreau, the holistic nutritionist, weightlifting coach, best-selling author, and photographer behind StephGaudreau.com and the popular blog StupidEasyPaleo.com.

Steph loves helping people tap into their unlimited potential, harness their strength and confidence, and create the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed of for themselves. She hosts a #1-rated health podcast called Harder to Kill Radio, and will be launching the Women’s Strength Summit in March of this year.

She lives in San Diego with the loves of her life, her Scottish husband Z and her cat Ellie. When she’s not lifting heavy stuff, you can find her tending to her beehive, standing on the dining room table to get the perfect food photo shot, and reading nerdy science books.

Here are some of the questions we discussed with Steph:

  • How did you get into Paleo and olympic weightlifting? Was it a gradual shift or did you have a big AHA moment at some point?
  • When you switched to a Paleo diet, did you have any trouble making that transition as an athlete? If so, what are some specific modifications you had to make to maintain your highest level of performance?
  • Why are so many recreational athletes confused about using real food to support their training efforts?
  • What’s the biggest misconception when it comes to fueling your performance with real food?
  • Can you have a goal of both fat loss and performance at the same time?
  • What is your least favorite trend in the powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Crossfit communities when it comes to nutrition and dieting?
  • You’re putting together a Women’s Strength Summit that contains interviews from some of my absolute favorite voices in the women’s strength, fitness, and nutrition industry. What are a few of the most interesting things you’ve learned while interviewing those women?

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